Is Basic winning over Talent?

I am sorry about this guys but today we need to talk about Taylor Swift. Please put aside all the shades and misconceptions for a minute and hear me out on this one.I was one to think ” Yes I like the songs but the girl shames her exes and uses every single one of her emotions to cash money”. That was until “1989” where Taylor completely outdid herself and wrote her story so rawly that I started relating to her. Ever since I started writing on PB, I hit the publish button without even realizing that REAL people actually reads the posts. It is a release of my true feelings and sometimes, it is motherfucking dramatic. The self-awareness catches up to me later, I start wondering what people are going to think, assuming that they will eventually get tired of my writing because going round and round in waves of struggles can’t possibly make them connect with me. But it’s my story, my version of it at least. I am someone who evolves through the lessons life takes her through: I over-think, over-analyze and then write about it without holding back. I don’t think about hurting anyone but I do think about how I have been hurt. Being so raw definitely comes with the price of questioning yourself everyday, I sometimes think that I should stop, that this ability of oversharing and exposing myself naked to the world can’t be healthy on a long term period. Growing in social media really made me reconsider my content creation, so many very talented content creators are not getting the recognition they deserve because they have a different approach to blogging. It made me question a few times: is basic winning over true talent? In other words, is Kim Kardashian, as clever in business as she can be, more respected than Taylor Swift who have proven repeatedly to be one of the best millennial storytellers? Don’t get me wrong, I think they are both insanely clever business women who have made a difference in their own ways. But let’s be real here, one has talent while the other’s entire career relies over the sexualization of her image. For a long minute, I sided with everybody else when Kim basically shut Taylor Swift down thinking that she might actually be the evil dressed in preppy clothes. But really, do I know Taylor personally? Nope. Do I feel something every time she communicates through her writing? Heck yeah. The work she put into the songs should be the one thing she is recognized for, but it’s not. Fortunately, she always end up proving people wrong through satire: she shows that no matter what you think, Taylor Swift is self-aware enough to flip it around. And I think that is something that is so rare nowadays, we are so focused in being basic that we don’t understand the ones who communicate differently and eventually end up shaming them. As someone that writes about feelings, I can’t stress enough that this is the riskiest field a content creator could ever enter. It is the land of subjectivity, a place where everybody perceives and lives things differently. It’s a shame that sharing how we perceive life leads us to be tagged as dramatic or manipulators when it is probably the bravest thing we could do (meanwhile men like Kanye are allowed to portray Taylor naked in a music video and people call him a genius). So yeah, I get Taylor Swift because as much as people criticize her for how she feel things: it’s her version of the story. While people focuses on the drama, she focuses in rewriting the narrative without filters because that is the way she grows. After all, the one who wins is always the one who rises back from the dead when everybody else thought they had nothing left to give.

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  1. Zana
    August 31, 2017 / 6:53 am

    Woooow! Amen to this sis!!!!!
    I won’t say anything else. Finally someone who wrote a text like this one!!!
    Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Britta
    August 31, 2017 / 6:54 am

    Neg! You did it again! Love your writing!
    Please continue to do what you do because your are soooo good!!
    Love the comparison although I can see the issue from both sides!
    Also how cute is your outfit! That bag is making me drool!! Can you please make sure Santa gives it to me?😍

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