Someone once told me “if people aren’t hating you, you are doing something wrong”. I remember being so shocked because hate and envy never were feelings I wanted to cause to anybody. I justified his words to his excessive ambition and his social awkwardness, and continued smiling at anyone and anything on my way. Until now. Now that I am doing something that I love, something that fills me, something that makes me happy; I realize that he was right all along. The last weeks have been a real pain in my ass. Relax, I am not depressed, sad, pissed or anything. I am just fucking annoyed as hell. Annoyed at some people but mostly annoyed at myself as I have allowed them to have a power on anything Persian Brunette related. I knew when I started blogging that it wasn’t going to be easy, I knew that the internet was home to so much hate and criticism, I knew that not everybody was going to like me and that’s okay, that’s part of life, you can’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea. Not only I knew all of it but I was so prepared for it, blogging made me tougher skinned than ever. What I wasn’t prepared for, are so called friends who spent the last year and a half praising my work while bringing it down on my back. It made me furious. Not because of what they said, not because they had criticism to bring on the table but because double-faced shit is just something I decided to exclude from my  life a while ago. Some said that my content is meaningless while others said it’s repetitive. Part of me immediately assumed they were right and started being self-conscious about every single thing published on my social handles while this other part of me went on fire. Because I know how much I work to pour my heart out every week, I know that my content connects with at least a few of you but most importantly I know that my content connects with me. I didn’t start blogging because I desperately needed attention (some of my friends are still discovering that it is something I do), I didn’t start blogging because I wanted to become some guru, I didn’t start blogging for the likes or follows. I honestly didn’t expect anything out of it. I started blogging because I was absolutely heartbroken, because I needed something to make me feel alive. Persian Brunette is a place where I release, where I am transparent, where I am my true self. You will obviously not see it all but that’s the closer you’ll get. It was my platform, my place, my home. And it’s not okay to let fake people influence my content creation while my intuition clearly tells me to follow my path, it’s not okay to allow them to make me feel like I’m not at home anymore. Obviously, I started being rude. You can call me a bitch or a mean girl or whatever you want but the truth is, I only give kindness to those that deserve it. I won’t spend time giving fake smiles and saying things that I don’t mean to people I don’t like. Experience has taught me that if you do things for social approval or social praise: you are basically screwed. I write on here for me. Not for fame, not for approval. Seeing that it resonates with some of you makes me proud, it makes me happy, it makes me endlessly grateful and empowered to know that I can empower people but it doesn’t change how I feel about myself. More likes and follows won’t stop me from being the person I am as much as less likes and follow won’t make me unhappy to the point where I will ever stop writing. So whatever, haters gonna hate, that’s just the way it is. Don’t ever let them bring you down. Do what you love but most importantly, do it for you. Dance like no one is watching, be your own person and be proud that you are probably one of the very few who are brave enough to do so. 

TODAY I’M WEARING: Zara Jacket // Zara Pants // Zara Shoes // Gucci bag

All pictures by Darius Boustantchi


  1. Zana
    March 25, 2017 / 10:36 pm

    I always respect your honesty sis! Stay true to yourself no matter what!
    We love you because of your personality, kindness and your pure heart.
    Haters gonna hate. So who cares about them – noone…
    Keep writing, keep doing what you love, keep doing what you do best!!! I am always here for you!
    Love u! ❤

  2. Michelle
    March 25, 2017 / 11:13 pm

    I adore you joonam. And as for the haters and the fake, back-stabbing, jealous people that try to tear you down or criticize things that mean something to you- keep your head high and know that you are something special. Keep doing you. You are a breath of fresh air and beloved. Literally beloved by so many. Happy Nowrouz lovey- xx Michelle

  3. March 26, 2017 / 7:45 am

    Neg! You are always so honest! I love that you are able to put your heart out like this in a post instead of hiding it inside like I would have done. You always speak the words that I do not dare..
    Keep blogging and writing like you do! People can hate us all they want and I know it is frustrating sometimes, but no matter what we are doing this because we love what we do- not to gain anything,!
    Thank you again for an amazing post! You inspire me everyday !

  4. March 28, 2017 / 12:51 am

    Preach girl! I’m lucky that no one has said shit about my blog to my face (though someone I thought was a friend literally asked me why I wasn’t cooler), but I’ve had similar feelings when having to deal with online haters. It was hard for me to start opening up on my blog, and when I finally did one girl said she wasn’t buying the white girl philosophy (or something like that, even though I’m not even white) but nice try. It really got to me. But you’re right – I’m doing it for me. And at least I’m doing something nice, not spreading unnecessary hate on the internet.

  5. April 17, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    Sis!! I totally hear you!! I get you completely. I think all of us go through the same thing over and over again. This is what happens when you put your self out there for the world to see and they think it’s ok to voice their opinion! So as Scott would say to me….. “why do you care?”, “You should thank your lucky starts it doesn’t happen to you more… have you seen what people say to celebs, businesses?” (by all means im not comparing my self to a celeb) With that it puts everything in perspective and the good outweighs the bad that’s for sure. You have more people that loves and adore you more than the haters. So keep soldiering on my love. No time to stop and listen to them so whatever!!! Keep up your amazing job my love. Big love from your big sister! xxx Ashley


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