Procastination is a bitch or what I love to call the art of doing anything to not work






Freaking 7.48 AM in the morning.  I have been trying to focus on the things that need to be done for days now, giving the excuse that if I go to sleep early, I will get to wake up early and work super efficiently.

Thing is, I am not an early bird, never was and really don’t have any high expectations to ever be.

Again, I am so surprised by how productive I can get to be when I really enjoy doing something and even more when I am supposed to be doing something else. Deadline 14th of september for my Master thesis, What have I done in a week? I have created a blog in one night, enjoyed writing so much more than what I expected and worked a ton of hours with Audrey on really exciting projects to come.

Don’t worry though, once shit is done past september 14th, I am back for a lot of posts: Already have so many ideas of content I have to stay away from my computer, Iphone and Ipad to not write anything quite yet.

Waiting for that, this is one of my favorite looks of my Canadian Trip. Monochrome is beginning to be one of my favorites combination to pull out. I used to hate it but oh well, who can say no to that jacket (Zara and on sales, Yes please!)? I am missing Canada deeply at the moment: baby bro, my happy mood and even my non breaking out skin. I try to keep my head busy with work, surrounding myself with the people I love the most and working out like crazy to not think. However, from time to time at 7.48 AM when the lights are off and everybody is sleeping, my mind goes on again reminding me the reality: It is time to break up with that bitch called Procastination.

Lots of love aways,


WHAT I AM WEARING: ZARA Dress // ZARA Jacket // Bimba y Lola bag // CHANEL Ballerinas

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