” Why are you so mean?” they ask.

So many things go round and round in my head to answer that question.

It’s true that I tease, that my words are often too sarcastic.

Lacking sweetness in their content, exceeding bitterness in their tone.

It’s true that what you see is what you get, my facades are other than faking a more likable personality.

It’s true that I am tough,¬†that I go straight to the point.

Not being afraid of telling you things the way they are.

No matter the consequences.

Sometimes I regret but I remember I better be surrounded by people that can handle my real thoughts.

It’s true that I legit don’t give a fuck: I don’t want you to think I am awesome, I won’t try to make you think I am awesome. And if you do, it is because of the person I really am. And not a reflection of what you want me to be.

It’s true that I am trying to find balance in a world I am creating for myself without bothering in everybody else’s.

You do you, I will do me.

Most of all.

It is true that life fucking teaches you the hard way.

You learn that kindness & sweetness are gifts.

Something that not everybody appreciates.

Something that not everybody respects.

Something that not everybody deserves.

It’s not because I am insecure, asocial or heartless.

It’s because the once open-hearted ended up broken hearted.

Too many times.

Too giving ended up being deceiving until the moment you stopped trying.

That’s when the best comes.

Dressing all black. Hustling and creating in a tough carapace but still wearing the white on my sleeve.

I am not mean, I am monochrome.

Lots of love always,




WHAT I’M WEARING: ZARA jacket, top & skirt // STEVE MADDEN sandals // SAINT LAURENT bag

All pictures by Darius Boustantchi