Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no clue of who you truly are?


I have.

At 21, I was graduating Business School feeling lost, uninspired and burnt out by the system. As cheesy as it sounds, all it took was a great love to make me embrace my differences and to make me realize that my reality wasn’t making me happy. After all, why in the world would I want to fit in when I knew there was something better waiting for me out there? That feeling is what triggered me to pursue fashion proactively by posting all my daily outfits on Instagram as PersianBrunette. Soon enough, the outfits turned into stories, tales that surprisingly connected emotionally with people and made them feel empowered to be their true selves. In a nutshell, PB was the answer to my question. It taught me to love all types of uniquenesses, to dream big and to strive to make a difference in people lives.


Bienvenue to PersianBrunette.com, the online destination to all my girl bosses out there. Here you will find all my style obsessions, life milestones and lessons I have been learning along the way. It is a mix of raw honesty and pure sarcasm, feminine and masculine, Gucci and Zara, sad and happy, fashion and life. A quest to self-love, inner balance and master ing the art of conquering life while dressing in your best attire.

To contact me: thepersianbrunette@gmail.com

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