100 Questions No One Asks

So this was it… My first video ever on Youtube.

I had been thinking about creating a Youtube channel for so long but never was to brave to do so: What would I talk about? What would happen if people at school would ever get to see me being a total freak in front of the camera? Who on earth would actually be interested in content I would post on the internet.

Until I realized that all the barriers that were stopping me from achieving anything I wanted were my own insecurities. I spent so many years being so self-conscious and reluctant to admit one reality: Business school students aren’t supposed to be Youtubers, or writers, or anything that doesn’t fit into the traditional path carriers that had been drawn especially for them. Then I realized that I didn’t have to settle to any school’s standard: I can perfectly work in Marketing and aspire to be a manager in the future, but i could also be anything I devoted myself to be because a degree doesn’t define who you are as a person. It doesn’t define anything, it just gives you the keys to get wherever you want to go.

So after going through a rough time, I started my own Fashion Instagram in December and that was Mindblowing. I stopped for a while and decided to come back with Youtube. Not to be famous, not to be a Guru but to connect farther with all the people that had given me strength during the last months. I’m Glad I did it, I am sure I will laugh about it in a few years. Maybe I will be a marketing manager or maybe I will be entrepreneur or a blogger. Who knows what the future holds but one thing is sure: I am not willing to give up on anything I want to experience anymore. Not because of anyone and not for anyone but myself.

I am still thinking about the content I want to offer, Youtube isn’t as easy as it looks: It’s actually quite hard to sit in front of a camera and just speak. While I figure it out, you can grab a cup of tea and laugh at my silly self for 15 minutes. I promise I won’t be mad 🙂 !


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